Food & beverages

Agarose technology has for many years been an essential tool for the purification of proteins by the biochemist, and is fundamental to the production of most biotherapeutic drugs. 

Bio-Works uses knowledge and experience gained in biotech to bring the benefits of agarose separations technology to the food and beverage industry. These benefits include high selectivity, leading to high purity products, and in high yields. Benefits such as no contamination, degradation or inactivation of your final product make agarose a perfect alternative for food & beverage processing. 

Bio-Works makes highly rigid beads which allows high flow rates and couple ligands with high binding capacity. This, combined with competitive pricing which gives economic benefits, is key to improving applications in the Food & Beverage Industry.   

The following are examples of applications where Bio-Works can support: 
- Capture and purification of dairy proteins
- Selective capture or removal of molecules for enhanced stabilization of beverages 
- Purification of enzymes in high purity and with retained activity 

WorkBeads 200 Q & S are products well suited for capture of valuable proteins from large volumes. 

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