WorkBeads™ media – useful in environmental heavy metal capture

Wet_leavesIncreased demand on environmental standards, require reduction of permitted levels of heavy metals to extremely low concentration in municipal effluents. There is need for reliable methods to remove metals to very low levels, not easily achieved by the more common chemical or filtration methods

Bio-Works has technologies for developing high performance beads for capturing metals in many biotech areas. WorkBeads media with immobilized metal and eas
y to re-generate can be utilized for cost-effective solutions. Media is excellent for uses in all scales including high throughput applications for trace element removal, particularly in capture of toxic heavy metals. Beads have the potential to “mine” value from industrial and municipal waste streams. 
The experimental data below illustrate example results in capture of heavy metals using chelating technology by Bio-Works.


Metal Before After Reduction (%)
Mercury Hg2+(mg/L) 0.270 0.00061 99,7
Arsenic As5+ (mg/L) 5.0 0 > 99
Cadmium Cd 2+ (mg/L) 0.22 0.00095 96
Chrome Cr 3+/5+ (mg/L) 0.016 0.002 88
Nickel Ni2+ (mg/L) 0.043 <0.0009 98
Lead Pb2+ (mg/L) 0.086 0,0087 90
Aluminium Al3+ (mg/L) 0.066 0.0077 89
Uranium (mg/L) 0.75 0.0006 > 99
Zink Zn2+ (mg/L) 2.9 0.075 98