Our vision is to become a leader in molecular separations technology by offering great technical solutions for a wide range of academia and industrial applications in combination with outstanding process economics. Bio-Works manufactures a broad range of innovative, agarose-based, separations media for the purification of proteins and other molecules. The media is developed and manufactured in Uppsala, Sweden. This media is designed to be used both at the research level and in industrial scale separations, in the Biotechnology, Food & Beverage and Clean Tech markets. 

Our catalog of separations media includes Ion Exchange, Gel Filtration and Affinity products. These are available in two different bead sizes for analytical separations at the R&D scale and large volume separations requiring the optimal balance of resolution and process economics. 

Bio-Works media may be purchased in pre-packed columns for ease of use at the R&D scale or in bulk packages if you wish to pack process scale columns. 

Bio-Works is actively engaged with partners in the Food & Beverage and in the environmental Clean Tech marketplace to jointly develop agarose media for selected applications.